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Dog grooming software

The dog grooming software for new and established salons. HQ Software is a dog grooming appointment software that does so much more than just schedule appointments. Built to be an all-in-one business management system for dog grooming salons, it allows business owners and staff to simplify their day-to-day tasks and focus on doing what they do best: groom dogs.

Website Builder

Create a custom dog grooming website or use our templates.

Payments & Deposits

Take Full Payment or Deposits when Booking Appointments. 

Keep Pet Records

Log notes on each dog in the customer profile. Keep user friendly pet records.

Automated Reminders

Send SMS & Email confirmation messages & reminders automatically.

Mobile & Desktop App

Manage clients, send emails & take payments from your phone app.

24/7 Live Support

Talk to a member of the support team at any time, day or night.

System Migration

Easily move your existing grooming salon data to HQ. It takes 10 minutes.

WhatsApp Marketing

Almost 100% open rates. Schedule marketing material through WhatsApp.

Invoicing & Receipts 

Integrate QuickBooks, create invoices & send receipts to clients after every groom.

Documents & Contracts

Create & send custom documents & contracts for staff or clients.

Consent Forms

Create e-sign consent & medical forms for each new client.


Easily create Business & Marketing reports to review performance.


Create an online store to sell shampoos, brushes, pet foods or services.

Add Team Members

Give different permissions to different members of staff.

Payment Options

Decide how you’re paid. Take cash, transfer or card payments.

No Show Deposit Protection

Keep deposits when clients don’t show. Choose how much & whether you refund them.

Holiday Mode

Book your holiday to stop diary conflicts. Only show your next available date when you’re back.

In-App Messaging

Handle all of your chats from your app. No more messages to your personal phone number.

Build individual calendars for each team member, host custom events and training days, create training courses, and host the videos all inside HQ. Manage all of your social media posts, create forms & questionnaires, send SMS appointment confirmations, take payments from clients and use our easy drag-and-drop website builder to create a stunning do-grooming website. 

With a comprehensive built-in email marketing tool, you no longer need to export your customers to other systems to send promotional content. Do everything you need inside HQ Software and let our system do the time-consuming tasks.

dog grooming booking software

HQ-Software, our modern dog grooming booking software and CRM, is an innovative solution designed specifically for dog groomers who need more than just scheduling software and calendars.

Here’s how:

1. Streamlined Appointment Scheduling & Staff Management:

Firstly, our dog grooming booking software lets you easily manage staff diaries & schedule appointments in our custom-built dog groomer calendar. Automatically send SMS & email appointment reminders.


2. Multiple Payment Options (POS): We offer multiple payment systems for dog grooming salons. Choose what is best for your business. You can take payments from your Apple or Android phone, send payment links to customers, and create invoices using our invoicing tool that connects to QuickBooks.

3. Dog Grooming Management System: HQ-Software incorporates an easy-to-use management system for dog groomers and a customer database tool. This feature lets you effectively manage your customer information, ensuring you are the most efficiently managed barbershop in your area.

4. Effective Marketing and Reputation Management for Dog Grooming Salons: Managing social media profiles when cutting a dog’s hair can be complex, and that’s why our dog groomer social media tool is perfect for that busy grooming team. Schedule your posts in advance and schedule a year’s worth in a single click.

5. Reasonable Pricing Plans: Our reasonably priced system provides all the tools required to manage a salon. With all the tools included in our dog groomer booking system, our pricing is one of the most competitive in the industry. Our all-in-one management system for grooming salons allows you to manage your entire team in one place. With a range of pricing plans available for the single groomer or full-scale salon with multiple locations, HQ Software will provide your business with everything it needs to grow. 

7. 24/7 Assistance & Account Manager: With 24/7 expert support available, you can handle all of your admin tasks outside of working hours. We provide you with communication & support to ensure you can handle any task efficiently.

8. Regular Software Updates and Maintenance: Finally, stay ahead of the curve with our regular software updates and maintenance services. We continually refine our product to make sure it’s the best it can be for your business.

Update your dog grooming booking software today, and your team of dog hairdressers will be the most efficient in your area.

Calendars & Booking
Software for Dog Grooming Salons

Unlimited calendars for staff.

Generate booking payment links with our dog grooming booking software.

Automatically confirm appointments.

Take bookings & payment from your website.

Automatic appointment booking.

Ability to take payment by cash on the day, card or bank transfer.

Customer database.

Easily move your existing customers from current system.

Create notes for each client in our modern dog groomer booking software.

Upload documents to clients profile.

Transaction history stored in clients.

Create lists & tags based on your customers treatment.

Send SMS, email, and social media messages.

Instagram & Facebook messenger integration.

Social Media Tool​s

Social media management.

Schedule posts in a social media calendar.

Save all #tags for future posts.

1-Click post to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok & More.

Arrange 1-year of posts in a day.

Upload photos & videos.

Never fall behind with your posts again.

Easily send marketing emails

Drag & drop email builder.

A/B Email testing.

Free online chat tool for your website.

Generate stunning email campaigns.

Ready made email templates.

Automate your customers journey.

Funnel builder & templates.

Grooming Salon Booking Software & Payments

Take payments straight to your account.

Invoicing tool.

Subscription price generator.

Automatically send receipts.

Coupon generator. 

Create proposals & estimates.

Send payment links by email & SMS.

Integrate payment gateways.

Reputation Management

Easily request & respond to reviews.

Automatically request reviews.

Review score dashboard.

Google and Facebook review management tools.

Automatically respond to reviews.

Create a review widget for your website.

Manage reviews on Google & Facebook.

Get More Done with HQ Dog Grooming Booking Software

A dog grooming CRM system, such as HQ Software, can greatly enhance productivity and enable you to accomplish more tasks in a shorter amount of time.

Why use our dog grooming scheduling software?

HQ Software provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of your business. Used as a complete CRM tool it receives great reviews from dog groomers and provides an all-in-one business management solution for grooming salons.

Our centralized hub

Our All-in-One dog grooming booking system & CRM provides a centralized hub for all your operational needs, from scheduling appointments to maintaining customer records. This seamless integration of functions not only streamlines your operations but also enhances client care by ensuring easy access to patient data.

Powerful & easy to use for dog grooming salons

Harnessing the power of our CRM & ais simple, thanks to its intuitive design and dog groomer appointment software, our comprehensive library of videos and guides. These resources offer invaluable training support to your staff, ensuring they can navigate the system with ease and confidence.

Improved communication

Our All-in-One dog groomer CRM platform also improves internal communication. This enhances collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page, promoting a more productive work environment and more coordinated dog care. Moreover, it’s an essential tool for a unified team that delivers exceptional service from your booking systems.

Save time with our dog groomer booking software

By having all operational functions in one system, our CRM saves your dog grooming salon and groomers valuable time and resources. We all know it is hard to cut a dog’s hair while booking appointments. Our CRM for dog grooming salons will change that and let you automate any task.