7 Best Aesthetic Nurse Software for Clinics

best aesthetic nurse software

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Aesthetic Nurse Software Top Picks

In 2024, the best aesthetic nurse software offers a wide range of features for easy salon management.

We’ve evaluated 7 of the top aesthetic nurse software for clinic and salon management available in 2024, to provide you with a comprehensive insight before making a purchase.

Each software, in its own unique way, offers a great amount of benefits ranging from user-friendliness to integrated features, all aimed at propelling an aesthetics clinic towards successful business management.

There is an overwhelming array of options to explore when exploring CRM software suitable for a salon. However, to remove some of the associated stress, we’ve compiled this list to assist you in making a well-informed decision.

Whether you are a well established business, or a new company that is looking into software and unsure of how much they can earn in an aesthetics clinic, we have listed some great software choices for you. 

Why Aesthetic Nurses need Specialist Software

Compliance with regulations

Aesthetic clinics must operate in a tightly regulated environment. They must follow certain guidelines, and these rules are expected to become even stricter overtime. Not following these rules can be unsafe for patients and can lead to legal problems for both clinics and salons.

Managing patient records, consent forms, and treatment plans according to these rules can be a difficult job. This is where special software comes in. It provides a safe, well-organized system for Electronic Health Records (EHR) and practice management.

Using this software can make it much easier for clinics to follow the rules and make sure they are always operating within the law. So, to answer the question ‘Why do aesthetic clinics need specialized software?’, these advanced tools are very helpful in guiding clinics through the complex healthcare rules and regulations.

Industry relevant marketing & CRM

computer with aesthetics nurse software on it

Aesthetic clinics need specialized software because their marketing needs are unique. They need to use traditional and modern marketing strategies to attract new clients and keep existing ones up to date with new treatments and promotions.

This specialized software helps with this by offering features that support things like customized email marketing campaigns, social media posting, bespoke follow ups and more. This helps clinics make the most of their customer relationship tools and results in a stronger brand and loyal customers.

Additionally, these softwares let clinics set up custom campaigns that fit their specific needs and goals. They also allow clinics to offer customized services, which makes them more attractive to clients. In simpler terms, this software uses smart automation to deliver personalized and effective marketing strategies for aesthetic clinics.

Custom booking system

Aesthetic clinics need specialized software to meet the modern demands of their clients. It used to be common to book appointments or consultations in person. However, most people now prefer making their bookings online. Whether you are an established business, or looking to open an aesthetic clinic, you risk falling behind if you do not have the correct systems in place.

Without the right tools, clinics risk becoming outdated in this tech-driven era. Clients now prefer software that allows them to manage their own booking process, reducing the need for phone calls to the business.

In short, it’s essential for aesthetic clinics to have efficient software that allows direct customer bookings. This is why there’s a growing need for clinics to invest in specialized software.

Everything for a clinic in one place

Implementing a single tool that can manage all clinic operations can greatly improve business productivity. This tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of clinics and salons, making daily tasks simpler.

The need for specialized software in aesthetic clinics is highlighted by the possibility of significant productivity gains. A all-in-one tool that manages various clinic functions in one interface and it can make the workflow smoother.

A custom software is created to meet the needs of clinics and salon, makeing daily operations more efficient and manageable.

Software specifically designed for salons and clinics offers a more effective solution than a generic, “we’re for everyone” platform.

In essence, this tool makes it easier to run your clinic or salon, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

HQ Software

Hq software aesthetics nurse software


HQ Software has 3 pricing packages.

HQ-Start-up: The Ultimate Start-up Package – $59

HQ-Plus: Everything you need to run a successful business – $125

HQ-Pro: The ultimate package – $450


HQ Software emerges as a robust and comprehensive solution, effectively streamlining clinic operations, from appointment scheduling to marketing and reputation management. With over 1800 aesthetic clinics using the software, the modern system is taking the market by storm. This system is definitely one of the best aesthetic nurse software options for salons.

This advanced system offers many features that contribute to efficiency, patient care, and data security.

HQ Software’s appointment scheduling tool is designed to handle unlimited user calendars, enabling smooth staff scheduling. It automatically confirms appointments, reducing administrative tasks. 

The software supports diverse payment options, including cash, card, and bank transfers. It also offers an invoicing tool for easy billing and automated receipt generation.

The software’s built-in customer management system allows easy transfer of existing customers and maintains a comprehensive customer database. It also stores the transaction history for each client, providing valuable insights for future engagements. Furthermore, HQ Software’s marketing and reputation management capabilities include social media management, email marketing, and review management.

The software’s cost-effectiveness, customer support, scalability, and customisation features make it an attractive choice. It offers affordable pricing plans, 24/7 assistance, dedicated account management, and regular updates, making it a growth-ready solution adaptable to any clinic size. 

In essence, HQ Software stands as a powerful and versatile aesthetic clinic software option, offering a huge all-in-one system at a very good price.

It has a 7-day free trial with no obligations or contracts.

Key features of HQ Software

  • Social Media Posting
  • Mobile App
  • Tap You Mobile Phone to Take Payments
  • Landing Page Builder
  • 24/7 Human Live Chat Support
  • Website Builder
  • Tracking & Analytics
  •  7-Day Free Trial
  • 75% Off Managed Google Ads
  • Generate booking payment links
  • Automatically confirm appointments
  • Take bookings & payment from your website
  • Ability to take payment by cash, card, or bank transfer
  • Customer database
  • Easily move existing customers from current system
  • Create notes for each client
  • Upload documents to client’s profile
  • Store client photos, documents and notes
  • Send SMS, email, and social media messages
  • Save all #tags for future posts
  • 1-Click post to various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tiktok)
  • Upload photos & videos
  • Send marketing emails
  • Drag & drop email builder
  • A/B Email testing
  • Free online chat tool for your website
  • Generate stunning email campaigns
  • Invoicing tool
  • Subscription price generator
  • Automatically send receipts
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Google and Facebook review management tools
  • Manage reviews on Google & Facebook
  • CRM system boosts productivity
  • Centralized Information
  • Automation of Tasks
  • Manage stock levels
  • Digital consultation forms
  • User-friendly online booking system

Get Timely Aesthetic Nurse software

get timely aesthetic nurse software

Transitioning to another formidable contender in aesthetic clinic software, Get Timely presents itself as an intuitive and customisable solution designed to streamline online bookings, business management, and client retention processes.


For salons who want to simplify their day-to-day with online bookings, appointment management, and an online and in-salon payment solution.

Per month

Boost your brand, reduce admin and sync with your business tools. Plus use our online and in-salon payment solution to make getting paid even smoother.

Per month

Revolutionise your salon, enhance your clients’ experience, embrace a full calendar plus use our all-in-one payment solution to increase revenue.

Per month

This software gives users the autonomy to set up an efficient online booking system with ease, enabling businesses to cater to the changing needs of their tech-savvy clientele. Additionally, Get Timely’s business management tools offer comprehensive control over the minutiae of operations, contributing to an optimal client experience and overall brand enhancement.

Key features of Get Timely

  • User-friendly online booking system
  • Comprehensive business management tools
  • Customisable features for a unique client experience
  • Advanced client retention support
  • Effective brand-building capabilities
  • Direct phone support
  • Send consultation forms automatically
  • Send rebooking reminders and reconnect messages automatically
  • Create and track staff sales targets and performance
  • Business analytics and reports to track campaigns
  • VIP services for special clients
  • Digital consultation forms
  • Store client photos, documents and notes
  • Waitlist to manage appointment requests and cancellations
  • Assign pricing tiers based on staff skills and seniority
  • Online and social media booking
  • See appointments and minimise gaps in your calendar
  • TimelyPay for in-salon and online
    payments (plus transaction fees)
  • Manage stock levels


Get Timely also assists in developing a reliable client base by allowing the implementation of deposit and cancellation fees, thereby ensuring customer commitment. Furthermore, this software offers tailored solutions for various industries including beauty, hair, aesthetics, and wellness, rendering it a versatile choice in the market. Businesses interested in Get Timely can avail of a 14-day free trial with no obligations or contracts, promising a risk-free exploration of its offerings.

Pabau Aesthetic Nurse software

pabau for aesthetic nurses

Shifting our focus to another significant player in the aesthetic clinic software landscape, Pabau offers a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline appointment management, digital record keeping, financial tracking, and marketing for over 2000 practices worldwide. It is clear why Pabau is listed as one of the best aesthetic nurse software.

Pabau simplifies appointment management, automating various processes that would otherwise consume precious time. It provides an online booking system and automated appointment reminders, reducing the administrative burden and enabling healthcare professionals to concentrate more on patient care.

The platform also supports digital record keeping, offering a secure system for managing medical documentation. Patients can fill out customisable forms online, with all information securely stored and easily accessible. 

Pabau’s financial tools simplify billing, invoicing, and payment processing. The software provides integrated capabilities that reduce errors, generate detailed financial reports, and offer valuable insights into revenue tracking.

Key features of Pabau

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Online Booking
  • Digital Client Records
  • Customisable Consent Forms
  • Automated Pre/Aftercare Emails
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Point of Sale System
  • Deposits & No-show protection
  • Before & After Images
  • Patient Portal
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Video Conferencing
  • Complete Stock Management

Vagaro Aesthetic Nurse software

vagaro aesthetic nurse software


$35 per month*
1 bookable calendar

In the realm of aesthetic clinic software solutions, Vagaro emerges as a robust platform that streamlines booking and scheduling processes, enhances customer retention, and provides detailed analytics and reporting capabilities. 

This software solution is designed to handle the unique demands of aesthetic clinics, with features that enable a seamless workflow and effective client management.

Some of the things you can do on Vagaro

  • Vagaro offers a streamlined booking and scheduling process, enabling clinics to manage appointments efficiently. This feature aids in reducing appointment overlaps and cancellations, ensuring a smooth client experience.

  • The software provides a comprehensive client database and communication tools. This feature fosters customer retention by facilitating personalised client interactions.

  • Vagaro includes inventory and employee management capabilities, allowing clinics to optimise resource utilisation.

  • The software’s customisable reports and analytics provide insights for clinics to make data-driven decisions, enhancing operational efficiency.

  • Vagaro’s marketing tools and integration options enable clinics to reach a wider audience, improving their market presence and customer base.

Key features of Vagaro

  • Expand your sales with an online store where clients can purchase
  • Design a custom booking page for your business with our website builder
  • Use an existing email template or customise a marketing campaign to fit your brand or aesthetic
  • Free transfer of all your data from any software
  • Customisable calendar with waitlist & resource management
  • Free listing with unlimited daily deals and bookings on the Vagaro Marketplace
  • Automated notifications & appointment reminders
  • Online booking on Vagaro, Instagram, Facebook & Apple Maps
  • Business & employee booking widget
  • Advanced reporting to run your business
  • Create & manage customer loyalty programs
  • 1,000 free email marketing messages to send each month
  • Create, send, & manage invoices
  • Sell memberships, packages, & gift certificates
  • 24/7 Live phone, email & chat support with free training

In terms of support and presence, Vagaro offers 24/7 online assistance, a comprehensive knowledge base, and regular software updates. This level of support ensures clinics can effectively leverage the software’s capabilities, further enhancing their operational efficiency and service delivery.

Mangomint Aesthetic Nurse software

mangomint aesthetic nurse software


$165 / mo
For small teams
2 to 10 service providers
Unlimited SMS & email notifications
Add-on integrations available

$245 / mo
For busy salons & spas
Up to 20 service providers
Advanced features: Express Booking™, Waiting Room, Memberships
Standard integrations included


$375 / mo
For large businesses
Unlimited service providers
All the essentials, plus advanced features
Shopify and other integrations included. Custom APIs available

Mangomint emerges as a robust solution in the field of aesthetic clinic software, offering a comprehensive platform that not only automates day-to-day operations but also significantly enhances the client experience. 

Trusted by over 10,000 salon and spa professionals, the software is lauded for its efficient and reliable performance, putting it in our top 7 best aesthetic nurse software list.

The software’s strength lies in its smart automation, which streamlines tasks and boosts productivity, thereby cutting overhead costs. Its user-friendly nature, coupled with modern features, makes Mangomint a preferred choice for many in the aesthetics industry.

It also excels in client management, appointment booking, retail sales, and payment processing – all vital components for the smooth functioning of an aesthetic clinic.

Mangomint’s effectiveness is further underscored by its ability to enable businesses to reimagine their operations through tools and automations that reduce expenses and increase profitability. 

Additionally, it is rated highly for its ease of use and five-star customer support. In short, Mangomint presents a compelling case for aesthetic clinics seeking a comprehensive, intuitive, and efficient software solution.

Key features of Mangomint

  • Calendar & Scheduling
  • Payments & Point-of-Sale
  • Client Management
  • Online Booking
  • Express Booking™
  • Two-Way Texting
  • Retail & Inventory
  • Staff Management
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Memberships & Packages
  • Integrated Forms
  • Gift Cards
  • Mobile Apps
  • Reporting
  • Email Marketing
  • Multi-Location
  • Payroll Processing
  • Integrations

Boulevard Aesthetic Nurse software

boulevard aesthetic nurse software


From $175‎/mo

for a single location
Run your business while staying
on schedule and delivering
best-in-class service.

While Mangomint provides a comprehensive solution for aesthetic clinics, another noteworthy contender in this space is Boulevard, a client experience platform designed for appointment-based self-care businesses.

Boulevard is built to cater to a variety of businesses including salons, barbers, medspas, massage centers, and spas. It offers a complete solution, not just a booking system but a platform that aims to boost bookings, streamline preparation, and enhance client reception.

Boulevard is endorsed by industry leaders such as Crane, Toni&Guy USA, and Alchemy Beauty Lab, which speaks volumes about its reliability and efficiency.

It provides resources like a ROI Calculator and Success Stories to help prospective users understand its potential benefits.

The platform offers a demo, allowing businesses to get a feel for its interface and features before committing.

Its commitment to privacy is evident in its Privacy Policy, and it maintains transparency with its Terms of Service.

After booking a demo, Boulevard follows up promptly, demonstrating its focus on customer service.

Key features of Boulevard

  • Self-Booking
  • Client Management
  • Forms
  • Payment Processing
  • POS Hardware
  • Scheduling

AestheticsPro Aesthetic Nurse software


Aesthetics Pro provides three different pricing plans which are Solo, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. For the most recent pricing details, please visit their official website. Please note that some features such as e-prescribing, reputation management, and text marketing might incur extra costs.

Why is AestheticsPro in our best aesthetic nurse software list?

Transitioning our focus to AestheticsPro, this HIPAA cloud compliant software presents an all-in-one solution specifically designed to propel medical aesthetic businesses forward.

This software package, powered by AestheticsPro, is a comprehensive tool that addresses client management, scheduling, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), merchant services, and marketing. It is structured to maximise the potential of medspas and streamline their operational processes.

AestheticsPro offers features such as client management, e-prescribe, reporting and insights, EMR, and E-records management. These features are designed to enhance the customer experience, improve efficiency, and optimise staff productivity. The software is particularly known for its robust client management system and its ability to prescribe electronically, providing a seamless interface for both practitioners and patients.

The software also offers services such as consultation, onboarding, training, account manager, and support. These offerings ensure smooth implementation and ongoing usage of the software.

AestheticsPro not only meets the compliance and legal requirements necessary for running a medspa but also provides tools for effective customer relationship management and marketing solutions. Overall, AestheticsPro provides a tech-savvy, efficient, and user-friendly platform to boost the success of aesthetic businesses.

Key features of AestheticsPro

  • Client Management
  • Client Portal
  • Photo & Document Uploads
  • Online Scheduling
  • 2-way Appointment Confirmation
  • Calendar & Resource Management
  • Staff Management
  • Point of Sale
  • Gift Card Management
  • Subscriptions/Memberships/
  • Client Bank
  • Loyalty & Rewards Program
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • E-Prescribe
  • AP Marketing Solutions
  • Text Marketing
  • Reputation Management

Conclusion: Choosing the best aesthetic nurse software

aesthetic nurse using a crm

The rapid evolution in aesthetic industry necessitates the adoption of robust software solutions. Platforms such as HQ Software, Get Timely, Pabau, Vagaro, Mangomint, Boulevard, and AestheticsPro each offer unique features, integrations, and customer support.

Selecting the right software from our list of best aesthetic nurse software can improve businesses, enhance patient engagement, and ensure legal compliance.

In conclusion, HQ Software offers the most robust and easy-to-use systems for salons after reviewing all features. For under £100 you receive the benefits of what would normally cost over £1,000 per month with other systems.

The swift progression in the aesthetic industry invariably calls for the embracement of solid software solutions. This transformation is greatly facilitated by platforms such as HQ Software, Get Timely, Pabau, Vagaro, Mangomint, Boulevard, and AestheticsPro. Each of these platforms provides their distinctive features, integrations, and customer support.

To sum up, after meticulously comparing all features, HQ Software emerges as the premier provider of the most robust and user-friendly systems for salons. For a cost below £100, benefits that would typically amount to over £1,000 per month with other systems are offered.

Disclaimer: The information provided on this webpage is intended for general understanding and education only. While every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, we are not responsible for any errors, omissions, or results obtained from the use of this information. All information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind. Features & pricing were taken from the websites and may not reflect the full features & todays pricing offered by the businesses. Before making any decisions or taking any action based on this information, we strongly recommend consulting with a professional or directly with the software providers to confirm the accuracy of the information provided.